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Matthews Electrical

                                                Your local electrician!

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Fully Qualified for all electrical installations.

BS7671:2018 Qualified.


01248 673218

Photo Gallery

Danger, Danger! Danger, Danger! Poorly wired connector-plug meant there was no earth and no protection 197926473 Heat damage to Neutral wire in CDU 197926474 DIY... Or let the professionals save you time and money! Poorly made of armored cable/gland & earth 197926475 Poorly made of armored cable/gland, earth banjo & IP box rendered useless as 25mm cut out had been drilled out for 20mm gland 197926476 Shower switch heat damage, very lucky this customer didn't have a fire as she described to me there was "brown liquid coming out the switch while I was using the shower" She thought it was strange there should be water coming out of the switch... It was the PVC insulation melting into liquid form 197926477 After I had prized the damaged cables apart 197926478 Earth sleeving is NOT red! 197927495 Failed storage heater element 197927496 Heat damage on shower connections 197927497 Outside IP box causing RCD to trip, Wet,wet,wet! 197927498